Morgan Freeman explains why you'll NEVER hear him do an accent on screen (exclusive)

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, the stars of ‘Going In Style’, have two of the most distinctive voices in Hollywood but they say they’ve never attempted to do impressions of each other.

“I don’t do impressions,” Freeman who plays retiree Willie in the geriatric heist comedy.

“I’m the worst at that. I can’t take a part where I’m playing somebody with an accent that isn’t US. I know I’m going to insult somebody doing that.”

Caine on the other hand admits he doesn’t mind doing accents at all, pointing out he won an Academy Award doing an American accent in ‘Cider House Rules’.

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine play old pals who turn to crime in 'Going In Style'
Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine play old pals who turn to crime in ‘Going In Style’

‘Going In Style’, directed by Zach Braff (‘Garden State’) sees Caine’s Joe teaming up with Freeman’s Willie, and a third OAP Albert, played by Alan Arkin, to rob a bank when their pension funds gets withdrawn by their former employer.

They surmise that if they’re going out soon anyway, might as well go out with a bang. Neither Caine nor Freeman though have retirement on their minds any time soon though, unless Hollywood says otherwise.

“I’ve got two more [movies] to do,” says Caine.

“I hope this isn’t [my last movie]!,” adds Freeman. But when will they know when to stop, we ask.

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman in 'Going In Style' (Warner Bros.)
Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman in ‘Going In Style’ (Warner Bros.)

“When the scripts stop coming in,” says Caine. “You don’t retire in the movies, the movies retire you. I was an amateur actor, I used to do this for nothing. So I’m not going to retire from something I did for nothing when I’m getting paid.”

“When they stop paying then maybe…” adds Freeman.

“If they didn’t pay me I wouldn’t do it,” agrees Caine. “I wouldn’t do it for nothing now.”

‘Going In Style’ is in cinemas now. Watch a trailer below.

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