Netflix announces more 'Tiger King' with Joel McHale after show 'The Tiger King and I'

Joe Exotic is the star of Netflix documentary series 'Tiger King'. (Credit: Netflix)
Joe Exotic is the star of Netflix documentary series 'Tiger King'. (Credit: Netflix)

True crime addicts will be able to get another Tiger King fix this weekend, with the debut of a new episode entitled The Tiger King and I.

Tiger King has taken the world by storm with its tale of murder-for-hire, animal cruelty and strange personal vendettas, orbiting around zoo owner and big cat enthusiast Joe Exotic.

Fronted by Community actor Joel McHale, the new installment will take the form of an after show, featuring discussions with many of the key personnel involved in the hit series.

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In a video posted to the Netflix Twitter account, McHale appeared in a cosplay homage to many of the most colourful characters from the documentary and announced that his broadcast would feature a raft of new interviews.

Former GW Zoo employees John Reinke, Erik Cowie and Saff will appear, with reality show producer Rick Kirkman and political campaign manager Joshua Dial also due to show up.

Joe Exotic’s former husband John Finlay has recorded a new interview, as has zoo owner and businessman Jeff Lowe.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the likes of Exotic himself, his animal rights nemesis Carole Baskin and fellow zoe owner Doc Antle will be conspicuous by their absence.

While Exotic is believed to be “over the moon” with the fame he has received since the series aired, Baskin and Antle have both spoken out against documentary makers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin.

Jeff Lowe in 'Tiger King'. (Credit: Netflix)
Jeff Lowe in 'Tiger King'. (Credit: Netflix)

Ever since the documentary aired, talk has turned to a possible movie adaptation of the story.

Joe Exotic wants Brad Pitt or David Spade to play him in any potential film, though names including Matthew McConaughey and Orlando Bloom have been tossed into the mix.

Kate McKinnon is already due to portray Carole Baskin in a TV series, which pre-dates the popularity of the Netflix doc.

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Meanwhile, because the story seemingly finds new strange twists every day, Donald Trump has said he will look into possibly issuing Exotic with a formal pardon.