New pics drop from the 'Venom 2' set

Venom (Credit: Sony)
Venom (Credit: Sony)

It seems the weather in San Francisco is no better than the UK, judging by some shots dropped from the California set of Venom 2.

Celebrity photographer Greg Williams posted a couple of candid behind-the-scenes pictures yesterday.

The first finds Tom Hardy as reporter Eddie Brock calmly walking through a deluge from the heavens, looking as unruffled as one might if you had an alien symbiote living in your brain.

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The other finds Hardy with co-star Woody Harrelson out on the street, Harrelson wrapped up in a sturdy parka.

Harrelson appeared in the mid-credits scene of Venom, as the caged (presumably not for long) Cletus Kasady, locked up at the Ravencroft Institute, the Marvel Universe's answer to Arkham Asylum.

Kasady is the serial murderer who later becomes the villain Carnage, after he's infected by his own symbiote.

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The movie, helmed by Andy Serkis, doesn't yet have an official release date (it's thought to be arriving in the autumn), but it's hoped that there might some symbiosis between the forthcoming Sony Marvel movies now too.

Morbius is coming up with Jared Leto as the ‘living vampire’, and a snippet of Michael Keaton's Vulture turning up in the movie's first trailer.

It was also recently announced that a further excursion into the Spider-Man extended universe is being slated for release in 2021.

Though as yet, the character fronting it is not known.