Paul Rudd admits he still fees like an imposter as he gives career advice

Paul Rudd has admitted he still feels like an “imposter” and not as talented as his co-stars, despite almost 30 years in the acting industry.

The 51-year-old Ant-Man star shared his feelings with British actor Abubakar Salim as part of Bafta’s mentoring scheme for the annual Breakthrough Brits scheme.

The talent initiative, to nurture creatives in film, games and television and offer one-to-one mentoring and career guidance, has now launched globally and will be called Bafta Breakthrough, with applications open across the UK and USA from Wednesday and applications for India and China opening later this year.

Salim, the star of forthcoming series Raised By Wolves, was chosen for the breakthrough scheme in 2019.

Discussing his career with Rudd, he said: “It’s always terrifying going into a space and having no idea, you’re worried they are just going to pick up this scared person.”

Rudd replied: “I still have that feeling – ‘I’m an imposter, I’m not as good as the people I’m working with’, or I feel I just don’t have it.”

Asked if the same is true for material he writes or produces, Rudd said: “I feel like with that stuff it gets a little easier; if I’ve worked on the script it’s a little easier because I know it more and I’ve worked on it from the ground up so I think maybe I feel a little bit more comfortable.

“I’ve also been lucky too to work with some of the same people and, if I work with people I’ve worked with more than once and we are all on the same page, those experiences I think I probably feel a little less stressed.”

Bafta chief executive Amanda Berry said: “We are incredibly proud to be launching Bafta Breakthrough globally, the only initiative of its kind that works across film, games and television.

“I’m excited to see who will join the global breakthrough family this year, at a time when our international community is more important than ever.

“We’re also delighted to be working alongside Netflix for the second year to continue to grow a truly international network for emerging talent, filled with diverse voices and stories.”