'Penny Slinger - Out of the Shadows' trailer

The incredible, untold story of the British artist Penny Slinger and the traumatic events that led to the creation of her masterpiece, the 1977 photo-romance, ‘An Exorcism’. Coming-of-age against a back drop of post-war austerity and the subsequent explosion of colour that characterised the 1960s counter-culture, Penny Slinger embraced her generation’s quest for personal freedom and sexual liberation, and channelled these desires into her ground-breaking collages, films (including collaborations with Jane Arden and Peter Whitehead) and sculptures. So powerful was her vision that 50 years later her work is still influencing contemporary artists.

“The photochemical summonings and seductive surfaces of Penny Slinger’s work still barely conceal their ferocious capacity to threaten, undermine and interrogate the viewer’s gaze” – Peter Strickland

Penny Slinger - Out of the Shadows is having selected theatrical screenings from 28 June, 2019.