Pierce Brosnan fans delighted by James Bond gag in new trailer

The former 007 actor is set to star in The Out-Laws for Netflix

Pierce Brosnan as Billy McDermott in The Out-Laws. (Netflix)
Pierce Brosnan as Billy McDermott in The Out-Laws. (Netflix)

Pierce Brosnan fans have been enjoying a James Bond joke in the latest trailer for Netflix's upcoming crime comedy The Out-Laws.

In the clip which also features Adam DeVine and Ellen Barkin, DeVine's character pulls the iconic pose and asks "Do I look cool?

Barkin replies by saying "Yeah, you look like James Bond," with Brosnan asking "which one?"

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Barkin simply replies "five" which leads Brosnan to quip "oh, that was a good one".

Brosnan was the fifth actor to play James Bond after Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton with the joke offering some meta humour for fans of the actor and long-running spy series.

Watch the trailer for The Out-Laws

It was a reference also picked up by fans on social media with one tweeting: "Love this cheeky little #JamesBond reference from Pierce Brosnan in the trailer for #TheOutlaws."

Brosnan was announced as the fifth James Bond in 1994 replacing Timothy Dalton. He had previously been in the running for the role before Dalton was cast but was locked into a contract with NBC to star in Remington Steel.

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Brosnan starred in four Bond films between 1995 and 2002, making his debut with the well-received GoldenEye that also featured Sean Bean and Famke Janssen.

Brosnan's Bond films became less well-received as he went on with his final outing in Die Another Day considered one of the worst 007 movies with criticism aimed at the villain, reliance on CGI and Madonna cameo.

Goldeneye 1995 Real  Martin Campbell Pierce Brosnan. Collection Christophel © Eon Productions / United Artists
Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye. (Eon)

Produced by Adam Sandler, The Out-Laws follows a bank manager who believes his bank was robbed by his future in-laws.

The film features an ensemble cast including Brosnan, DeVine, Barkin, Nina Dobrev, Michael Rooker and Richard Kind.

The Out-Laws will begin streaming on Netflix on 7 July.

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