Ryan Reynolds crashes the 'X-Men' charity reunion

The X-Men got together over the weekend for a charity reunion Zoom call, but found themselves with an uninvited guest.

Forever the thorn in Hugh Jackman's side, Ryan Reynolds turned up to crash the event, which was part of the Global Goal: Unite For Our Future fundraiser.

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X-Men: Origins stars Halle Berry (Storm), Sir Patrick Stewart (Professor X), and Famke Janssen (Jean Grey) were all having a nice chat before Reynolds butts in, to Jackman's faux chagrin.

Reynolds as Deadpool (Credit: Fox)
Reynolds as Deadpool (Credit: Fox)

He then brings in James McAvoy (the current/past Professor X) and Sophie Turner (the current/past Jean Grey) to the Zoom chat.

“SO many timelines,” wise-cracks Reynolds, aka Deadpool. “It's like a recap of Notts Landing.”

“Oh sorry, I actually thought this was the Game of Thrones reunion,” says Turner, before each of the stars make their excuses and clicks the 'leave meeting' button.

The massively star-studded online concert took in remote performances from Justin Bieber, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus, Usher, Coldplay and Shakira, with Dwayne Johnson providing anchorman duties.

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Also involved were the original Broadway cast of Hamilton, Billy Porter and the likes of Emmanuel Macron, Melinda Gates and Angela Merkel.

The event, which was streamed over the weekend, was devised to raise awareness for the need for a global response to the coronavirus pandemic, and to ensure 'the development and equitable distribution of COVID-19 treatments for everyone'.

The full event can be streamed here...