'School of Rock' child star Joey Gaydos Jr 'arrested multiple times' for stealing guitars

Joey and Jack Black in School of Rock (Credit: Paramount)
Joey and Jack Black in School of Rock (Credit: Paramount)

Remember how much Zack ‘Zack Attack’ Mooneyham loved guitars in School of Rock?

Well, it appears that he still does.

According to TMZ, Joey Gaydos Jr, the former child star who played the shy guitar hero in the 2003 Jack Black comedy movie, is facing a host of larceny and grand theft charges in Florida.

The US site says that Gaydos Jr, now 27, he’s been caught by police four times in the last five weeks asking to test guitars in shops, before leaving without paying for them.

(Credit: TMZ)
(Credit: TMZ)

It’s said that he’d then try and hawk the guitars at local pawn shops.

Last month, police released CCTV footage of Gaydos trying out guitars in shops to warn other owners.

He was then arrested after trying to make off with a $2000 Gisbon Les Paul in early February, it’s emerged, but was blocked in by other customers trying to stop him getting away.

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It’s also alleged that he stole a blue Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul, worth $800, a black Fender Stratocaster, worth $699, and a Gibson Les Paul gold top worth $1,900.

The thefts are felony charges.

TMZ says that he confessed to police, and told them that he has a problem with drugs.

Gaydos Jr started playing the guitar aged three, scoring the lead role in School of Rock for director Richard Linklater aged 10.

However, he left acting behind to concentrate instead on a music career, and in 2009 was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol, when he was still underage.