Sophie Turner says working with Bryan Singer on 'X-Men: Apocalypse' was 'unpleasant'

Sophie Turner (Credit: Getty)
Sophie Turner (Credit: Getty)

Sophie Turner has revealed that working with director Bryan Singer on the Marvel movie X-Men: Apocalypse was ‘unpleasant’.

Turner played the mutant Jean Grey for the first time with Singer in 2016.

But she has said that her experience echoes the sentiments of Bohemian Rhapsody actor Rami Malek.

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“Our time together was, like Rami said, unpleasant,” she told Rolling Stone magazine.

Malek, though largely tight-lipped on his time with Bryan Singer on the Queen biopic – he was fired by Fox near the end of the film’s production, and reportedly clashed with Malek on set – he did provide some limited insight into their working relationship.

“In my situation with Bryan, it was not pleasant, not at all,” Malek said during an interview at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Dark Phoenix (Credit: Fox)
Dark Phoenix (Credit: Fox)

“And that’s about what I can say about it at this point. For anyone who is seeking any solace in all of this, Bryan Singer was fired. Bryan Singer was fired, I don’t think that was something anyone saw coming but I think that had to happen and it did.”

The success of the Queen biopic has been marred, after Singer was accused of sexual misconduct by two men earlier this year, claiming he molested them when they were underage. They were the latest in a number of other accusations facing Singer, all of which he has denied.

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Though she does not go into specifics about her time on set with Singer, Turner goes on to frame her experiences in Hollywood in terms of her role of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones.

“There’s a lot of Sansa in me,” Turner said. “You go into something and you think it’s going to be a huge dream, and then you figure out, ‘Oh, wait. I have to be very strategic about everything. And Harvey Weinstein is Joffrey or Ramsay. Probably worse than that. A White Walker.’”

Turner will play Jean Grey again in Dark Phoenix, directed by Simon Kinberg, and landing in June.

The final series of Game of Thrones, meanwhile, airs on April 14.