Super Mario Bros. star Anya Taylor-Joy wants a Zelda crossover movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Anya Taylor-Joy wants The Legend of Zelda in the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is released in UK cinemas on 5 April.

Video transcript

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: I wanted to touch on that Chris Pratt has been talking about the Nintendo cinematic universe. Now, I don't know how big a Nintendo player you are. But what game or character would you like to see in a film next?

ANYA TAYLOR-JOY: My partner-- I've never played it, but he was just explaining it to me. My partner really loves Zelda, and I think Zelda would be really fun. And I know that there's a new game coming out, because everyone's very excited about it. And I've never played, so I'm scared that I'm going to get destroyed. So I think I'd want to know more about Zelda.

And I know that that's the name of Seth's dog, right? I think Seth has a dog called Zelda.

SETH ROGEN: I've always liked Metroid. I always thought that was a cool character. Yeah, I'd like to see a Metroid movie.

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: Why, apart from it being cool?

SETH ROGEN: You act like it being cool is not a good enough reason. It's the best reason. I want it, because it's cool.

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: Now, if you got ideas for what that could be.

SETH ROGEN: You would have an immersive space action film, a simple narrative, but like the raid in space movie, maybe.

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: Nice. And how would it cross over with Mario?

SETH ROGEN: In the post-credit sequence, we'd figure something out.