Super Mario Bros. star Seth Rogen wants spin-off for Donkey Kong

Seth Rogen wants an eeyore-some Donkey Kong spin-off that channels the Fast and Furious franchise should the new animated adaptation of The Super Mario Bros. movie prove successful enough to spawn more films.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is released in UK cinemas on 5 April.

Video transcript

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: I feel like there's more to explore with Donkey Kong. So I really want to see more from him. Would you want to continue his story in a sequel or a spinoff maybe?

SETH ROGEN: I would love to. And yeah, I think Donkey Kong-- Mario is a spinoff of Donkey Kong. So to spinoff Mario-- yeah, I think I more see it as a return to Donkey Kong. [LAUGHTER] And finally cutting out all this Mario nonsense that people have been focusing on too much.

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: I'm going to share an idea, and if this turns up I'll invoice you. But it seems like the time is ripe for a Kong dynasty.

SETH ROGEN: Oh. OK, yeah. I like it. I like the wordplay as a fan of puns. [LAUGHTER] I see what you're doing. [LAUGHTER]

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: There's an evil Kong, isn't there? Would you want to come up against maybe evil Donkey Kong?

SETH ROGEN: Maybe because that would be a good thing. There's a whole Donkey Kong Country, so yeah. There could be a lot of Kong mythology. The Kong family. Could focus really on the Kong family. People love family movies, you know? Like "Fast and Furious." So it could be like that. It could be with their go karts. Yeah. Like a Donkey Kong "Fast and Furious" kind of family-based action drama.

ANYA TAYLOR-JOY: I would love to. I love this world. I love the collaborators. I have such a good time. I'd love to. Wherever they want to go with it, I hope I'm along for the ride. Oh, it'd be interesting if like her biggest nemesis was herself, if there was like a Dark Peach. I'd love that. That'd be really, really cool. I'm thinking about the outfits that would be presented here, and I'm like, ooh yeah, that's cool.

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: There is a character called False Peach that's a shadow version, like a dark version.

ANYA TAYLOR-JOY: Oh, hell yeah. I'm so down for that. That sounds great. Thank you. You're giving me all of these ideas. I really appreciate it.

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: Who would you want to play a Dark Peach or False Peach?

ANYA TAYLOR-JOY: Ooh. I'm really good friends with Mia Goth, so it'd be fun to do that together. [LAUGHTER]

KIM TAYLOR-FOSTER: Yes that sounds perfect.

ANYA TAYLOR-JOY: We've done two movies together already, and I just adore her. So it'd be fun to do it together.