Susan Sarandon's Son Makes Interesting Fashion Choice For Zoolander Premiere


Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins’ son Miles clearly got a bit carried away with the out-there fashion of ‘Zoolander’ last night.

Attending the premiere of the long-awaited sequel to Ben Stiller’s 2001 comedy in New York, he made some pretty brave choices for his attire.

On his top half, he opted for a baby blue blazer, adorned with the severed heads of My Little Ponies.

Meanwhile, his bottom half boasted the classic combination of opaque off-white tights, a mini-skirt and grey loafers.

Here’s the outfit in its full-length glory…


Perhaps the 23-year-old budding musician and DJ is gunning for a part in 'Zoolander 3’.

His mum’s elaborate coat, with its monochrome flowers and skull lapels was no slouch in the out-there department either.

Miles has spoken much in the past about his wearing of dresses, which he often does in stage.

In a piece for the Huffington Post published last year, he wrote: “Is it really that strange for a guy to wear a dress?

“So, so, so many people, especially musicians, have done this before me. I wear dresses on stage and to occasional fancy dress events because I do not enjoy neckties.

“I wear dresses to embrace femininity (adjective) but not to re-assign my gender to female (noun). I think that it is absurd to think that there is a rigidity to the identity of CIS and Heterosexual males and females - that for a man to wear a dress or for a woman to wear pants must mean that they are LGBTQ.

“I don’t have a struggle with my gender identity. I feel more male than female. And I am mostly heterosexual (and white to boot!).”

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Image credits: AP/ETonline