The Mean Girls musical has a confirmed debut for 2017

Credit: Paramount
An all-singing version will come first – Credit: Paramount

Lindsay Lohan may have made fans squeal at the prospect of another ‘Mean Girls’ movie, but it looks like the next story we’ll see will be on the stage.

Earlier this week, the actress said she had written a treatment and was keen to do a sequel, even though a ‘Mean Girls 2’ does already exist, albeit with an entirely different cast.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Mean Girls’ the musical has its world premiere date set for 3 October, 2017, at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. It means the long-awaited musical version of the popular 2004 comedy is closer to completion than we thought.

Tina Fey, the writer of the original movie, is teaming up with her composer husband Jeff Richmond for the show, with Nell Benjamin (‘Legally Blonde’) on lyric duties.

The stage show will have a development workshop this spring, with a cast currently unconfirmed. It’ll be interesting to see how the cult status teen comedy is adapted into a story threaded together by musical numbers considering there aren’t any in the movie’s screenplay. In the past we’ve seen plenty of adaptations such as Disney’s ‘The Lion King’, but that already had a host of award-winning songs to use and work with.

Credit: Paramount
Could the gang get back together? – Credit: Paramount

While there’s no currently plans for a Broadway run, producers will no doubt wish to gauge how ‘Mean Girls’ does in an initial run (both with critics and audiences) before any commitment is made. The film’s producer Lorne Michaels is in charge of this production alongside Broadway veteran Stuart Thompson.

One thing is for certain: the familiar faces from the film won’t feature, assuming the stage show is a straight conversion from the movie’s plot. In terms of a big screen ‘Mean Girls 2’ starring the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, we wouldn’t rule that one out.

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