Watch the Very First Clip from 'Deepwater Horizon' (Exclusive)

Peter Berg’s upcoming disaster thriller Deepwater Horizon gives faces to the men and women who were aboard the titular drilling rig when it was rocked by an explosion. The blast ignited a fireball visible from 40 miles away, led to 11 casualties, and created the largest oil spill in American history.

Chief among those faces in the film version is Mark Wahlberg, who plays Deepwater Horizon’s southern-drawled crewman Mike Williams.

In the first clip released from the film, which you can watch exclusively above, we see the final moments before the flare-up — with Williams getting an update on his young daughter while video-chatting with his wife (Kate Hudson).

It’s then the lights flicker, a bulb bursts, the calls cuts out, and — BOOM! — Williams is torpedoed across the vessel. If you’ve seen the film’s trailer, you know that Williams not only survives the blast, but rallies the remaining crew to claw on and at one point takes an epic, 10-story plunge (all based on Williams’s actual experience).

Deepwater Horizon is the first of two films this fall from Berg and Wahlberg, along with the Boston marathon bombing drama Patriots Day, which examine real-life tragedy through the lens of a suspenseful actioner.

Written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Matthew Sand, the film also stars Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez, and John Malkovich. Deepwater Horizon premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival Sept. 13 before opening in theaters Sept. 30. Watch the trailer: