Mrs Brown’s Boys: Meet The Complicated Family (Exclusive)

Brendan O’Carroll’s hit Irish sitcom ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ is coming to cinemas on 27 June. The show is huge in Ireland and the UK (it was the most-watched show on Christmas Day 2013), and it recently found success in Canada and Australia too.

The big-screen version, written by and starring O’Carroll, will introduce Mrs Brown’s crazy family to an even wider audience. Thankfully Universal has put together this hilarious video to explain how O’Carroll’s real-life family is entwined with Agnes Brown’s fictional family in the show.

As you’ll find out, it quickly becomes very complicated. Watch it above.

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Brendan O’Carroll plays Agnes Brown and his wife Jennifer Gibney plays Mrs Brown’s daughter Cathy. Brendan’s son Danny plays Buster, Mrs Brown’s son Dermot’s best friend. And Danny O’Carroll’s wife Amanda plays Mrs Brown’s daughter-in-law Betty.

Are you following so far?

Brendan’s sister Eilish plays Winnie next door, and Jennifer Gibney’s sister plays Sharon, Winnie’s daughter. O’Carroll’s daughter (and Danny’s sister) Fiona plays Maria, who is married to Dermot, played by Danny O’Carroll’s best friend Paddy Houlihan.

And that’s just the half of it.

The film, cunningly entitled ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ sees the foul-mouthed matriarch’s livelihood coming under threat. She and her family must embark on a mission to save the market stall.

The show began life as an Irish radio show in the early 90s. A film ‘Agnes Browne’ followed, starring Angelica Houston as the title character, before another failed film project bankrupted O’Carroll.

Mrs Brown was brought back to life as a stage production, before it hit the big time in Glasgow. The BBC commissioned a sitcom and the rest, as they say, was history.

'Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie' in cinemas everywhere on 27 June, 2014.

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