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Mrs Serial Killer spoilers follow

Netflix India's latest release, written, directed and edited by Farah Khan's husband Shirish Kunder, is supposedly a suspenseful thriller.

At its opening scene in a dim-lit hospital-looking room, a petrified woman is bound to an operating table. Ominous music. Another beautiful woman with menacing looks and a sharp weapon says "Torture tumne abhi dekha kahaan hai?" (you are yet to see the actual torture) and slashes the screen.

Little did we realise she wasn't talking to the other woman: that was a legit disclaimer for the audience. The actual torture started from that point.

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Jacqueline Fernandez stars as a nervous wreck and forever oomphy Sona, Mohit Raina as trying-very-hard-and-still-not-convincing cop Imran and Manoj Bajpayee as doting, polite husband and prominent gynecologist Mrityunjoy.

The story revolves around Sona, a dedicated wife to Dr Mrityunjoy, and her journey to prove his innocence after he is arrested on suspicion of being a serial killer. She is convinced that her former boyfriend, the cop Imran, framed him in vengeance.

Sona seeks help from high profile lawyer Rastogi, played by Darshan Jariwala, who suggests the masterstroke of committing a copycat murder to make people believe that the killer is still at large. The killer's trademark victims are unmarried, pregnant women. Conveniently, Sona's acquaintance and neighbor Anushka (Zain Marie Khan), is unmarried and also carrying a bun in the oven. Voila! Perfect candidate.

Just one question to Netflix India: Why? Why did you do this to us?

Fast forward through a weird-looking hill town with only 20 or so residents, who also dug up the dead bodies of victims for police, beat up the doctor outside the court and later beat up the meaty cop for not being efficient at his work. There's a taekwondo-cum-spidey stunt fight scene between Sona and Anushka in a strange twinkling farm, a kidnapping, a shoddy court scene and nonsensical bail plea bargain between lawyers.

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Sona hugs her freshly-out-of-jail husband and brings him back to an empty maternity home where she confesses that she orchestrated the last murder to prove his innocence. But but but…! Plot twist — she never killed Anushka and instead used an unclaimed body from the morgue. The pregnant lady is still tied up in hospital basement, where hundreds of saline bottles are hanging from the ceiling.

Then there's another twist! Gangadhar hi Shaktiman hai (Clark Kent is Superman) and the doctor is the actual serial killer.

He hates all unmarried pregnant women and tries to kill Anushka as well. Why? Mommy issues, duh! Sona tries to save the girl, fails, girl's boyfriend tries to save the girl, fails, Hunky cop Imran saves the day in the end fight and takes everyone to hospital including the doctor's corpse.

It's still not over.

Now in the hospital, it is revealed that the doctor is still alive but unconscious. The cop runs to check on him but he is gone. The high-profile lawyer and his wife saved doctor and helped him escape. But why? Why did the lawyer help the doctor? Were they partners? What happened to Imran and Sona? Will he kill again?

With all these questions, the writer, director, editor, and music composer Shirish Kunder has left the ending open in the hope of a part two. But we somehow doubt many people will be curious enough to know…

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