Mrs World quits title after brutal pageant crown attack

Kristine Tarbert
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The beauty queen involved in a bizarre on-stage stoush over the Mrs Sri Lanka Crown earlier this month has quit her title.

Mrs World Caroline Jurie was arrested and released on bail after forcefully removing the crown from the winner Pushpika De Silva's head at the Mrs Sri Lanka pageant in Colombo.

Caroline Jurie leaves Cinnamon Gardens Police Station
Caroline Jurie seen leaving Cinnamon Gardens Police Station after being released on bail in Colombo on April 8, 2021. Photo: Getty

Mrs World Inc confirmed on social media that Caroline Jurie has decided to resign. She had herself been crowned Mrs Sri Lanka in 2019 before going onto win the Mrs World title.

“Her voluntary resignation decision was made solely by Caroline herself,” a statement read.

The new Mrs World 2020 will be Kate Schneider of Ireland, who was the runner up in the contest.

Caroline was arrested and then released on bail by the police over the incident. Both she and another model involved in the on-stage incident were question by police, and pictured leaving a police station in Colombo in the following days.


Pushpika De Silva was crowned 'Mrs Sri Lanka' at a ceremony broadcast on national TV earlier this month, however moments later the crown was removed by Caroline Jurie, who claimed the winner was not eligible.

Mrs. Sri Lanka 2020 Caroline Jurie (2-L) removes the crown of 2021 winner Pushpika de Silva
Caroline Jurie removed the crown of 2021 winner Pushpika de Silva. Photo: Getty

"There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and are divorced, so I am taking steps to make the crown go to the runner up," Caroline told the stunned audience, before moving to remove the crown herself.

The crown however gets stuck in Pushpika De Silva's hair with a second person seen coming in to help take it off, before the original winner is seen walking off stage and crying.

In a subsequent Facebook post, the woman robbed of her crown says she ended up having to go to hospital to be treated for head injuries after the incident due to "pain of my skull".

"This is a historical moment for me as a single woman, where women and men all over the world raise their voice behind party, colour, religion, caste and division," she wrote, calling the incident an "injustice and insult".

"I say a true queen is not a woman who snatches another woman's crown, but a woman who secretly sets another woman's crown!!" she added at the time.

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