MSNBC’s Joy Reid Apologizes After F-Bomb Is Caught on Hot Mic — WATCH

MSNBC’s Joy Reid apologized Monday after a hot mic caught her cursing during a moment she described as “behind-the-scenes chatter.”

The F-bomb was picked up during a segment titled “Republicans take credit for stuff they voted against,” in which the Reid Out host railed against Congressional Republicans who “love to latch on to President Biden and Democrats’ successful policies and take credit for things they didn’t do, while tying themselves into pretzels… for the sake of Donald Trump. Case in point: Fixing what they say is a crisis at the border, with congressional negotiators continuing work on a bipartisan deal to tie border policy changes to funding for Ukraine,” she said. She then cut to a clip of Biden speaking at the First in the Nation Democratic Dinner in Columbia, S.C. over the weekend.

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“If that bill were the law today, I’d shut down the border right now and fix it quickly,” POTUS said. “Congress needs to get it done.”

Just then, Reid’s mic turned on and caught her mid-sentence as she said “starting another f—king war.”

Later on, Reid acknowledged the moment and apologized to viewers for her foul language. She did not, however, specify who (or what) she was referring to on hot mic.

“I was chatting during a clip that was playing and… you know, we try to keep this show very PG-13,” she said. “So, I just want to apologize to anyone who was listening to my behind-the-scenes chatter. Deeply, deeply apologize for that, because you know it’s PG-13 up around here.”

Watch Reid’s apology below, then hit the comments with your reactions.

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