Multiple Injured After School Bus Collides With Tanker in South Carolina

At least 17 children were injured after a tanker collided with a school bus at an intersection in Gilbert, South Carolina, on Thursday, May 25, local news reported.

This footage captured by the security camera of a local business shows the moment the two vehicles make impact. Bystanders quickly reacted to the accident and ran toward the school bus, the footage shows.

The bus was carrying 36 passengers from local schools, the Associated Press reported, citing the South Carolina Highway Patrol. At least 17 children and one adult were taken to a hospital in nearby Lexington to get treatment for their injuries, local news said.

The road where the collision happened was closed to the public as emergency crews responded to the scene, but has since been reopened, Lexington County officials said. Credit: Austin Maroney via Storyful

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