The My Mum, Your Dad Launch Episode Left Viewers With A Lot Of Feelings

The parents and kids of My Mum, Your Dad
The parents and kids of My Mum, Your Dad

The parents and kids of My Mum, Your Dad

After months of hype, Davina McCall’s new dating show My Mum, Your Dad (which definitely isn’t a middle-aged Love Island, OK?) finally debuted on Monday night.

The launch saw eight single 40-pluses move into a British country “retreat” in the hope of finding love, after being nominated by their grown-up children – who unbeknown to the parents are watching their every move from a secret “bunker”.

Many curious viewers tuned in to see the first episode, which sparked a lot of reactions on social media. Here’s what people have been saying...

Going into it, many viewers were not exactly sure what to expect 

It was refreshing to see non-influencer types on the cast

The soundtrack was a collection of absolute bangers

With two generations appearing on the show, some viewers anticipated that there could be more action happening in the Bunker than in the Retreat...

Davina demonstrated why she was the perfect choice to host this show

And one element of My Mum, Your Dad put people in mind of another of her former shows

Widower Roger had viewers in tears with his emotional back story

Although this admission was, well, something...

Even if the show has been keen to distance itself from *that* ITV2 dating show, the comparisons were inevitable

And there were certain similar aspects that drew the same criticism

However, for some, it was a better alternative to Love Island

For others, it was a reminder of their age

Already, other people are wanting to go on it

And quite frankly, why ITV didn’t choose to upload the whole series in one go is anyone’s guess

My Mum, Your Dad continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV1.