Mum's shock at finding secret camera in Costa Coffee toilet

A mum claims to have found a camera in a toilet in Costa Coffee [Photo: Getty]

A mum has revealed her horror at finding a camera attached to a toilet in a cafe.

Stacey Shah, from Essex in southeast England, was taking photos of public toilets as part of a campaign calling for cleaner lavatories.

Ms Shah had taken her family to Costa Coffee on Friday when she discovered a camera attached to the restaurant’s toilet, Essex Live reported.

The mum told the publication she decided to take a photo after noticing under the sink hadn’t been cleaned.

On looking back at the picture, she realised something attached to the toilet and had someone else look at it.

“As soon as I realised it was a hidden camera I stood there for a while because I never expected to find it and my boys were in there with me,” she said.

“I thought a lot and I was shocked so I decided to write it down on a note as I’m deaf and tell the staff about it.”

Ms Shah showed the pictures to staff at the cafe after placing tissues over the camera.

She added the staff member was shocked too.

The camera has since been removed and police said they are investigating.

Costa Coffee said it’s assisting with investigation.

Ms Shah shared pictures of the camera on Facebook urging people to be careful using public restrooms.

Her pictures have been shared more than 590 times.

One woman said the find was “unacceptable”.

“Absolutely disgusting and extremely scary,” one man wrote.

“Thank you for raising awareness and I hope you are OK. Must have been a nasty shock.”