New mum Steph McGovern shares sweet Christmas tradition

Emma Nolan

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BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern is soon to be celebrating her first Christmas as a mum since giving birth to her baby girl last month.

Now the presenter, 37, has just shared one of her lovely Christmas traditions with fans and we just love this idea.

Taking to Twitter, Steph posted a photo of a stunning handprinted Christmas card from her dad.

“Every year my dad paints me a Christmas card…” she said.

“He’s just finished this year’s 😍. It’s the walk up to Acklam Hall through the Avenue of Trees (Middlesbrough), a path I’ve walked many times. #prouddaughter #home #Boro.”

She also shared a link to her dad Eamonn’s, who is an artist, Twitter account.

Fans are moved by Steph sharing the card with several responding with their own handmade creations and some recognised the scene he painted too.

Photo credit: BBC / Steve Schofield

One person tweeted: “You obviously have a extremely talented father that loves you dearly. I don't need to tell you that you're a very lucky lady. Merry Christmas to you and your family x.”

While another added: “I recognised the Avenue of Trees and Acklam Hall before I even finished reading the tweet! Brilliant pic.”

Steph gave birth to her daughter on November 8 and is leaving the BBC to host a new daily current affairs show called The Steph Show on Channel 4 next year.

If you’re feeling somewhat inspired by Steph’s dad, check out our guide to making your own Christmas cards here.

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