A mum-to-be strapped a WATERMELON to her husband's stomach

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This is the moment a mum-to-be gave her husband a taste of what it's like to be pregnant - by strapping a WATERMELON to his stomach.

Cheryl Moir, 36, was fuming after husband Colin, 35, accused her of "making up" the noises she made as she lifted herself off the sofa.

She was nine months pregnant - and so bought a three kilo watermelon and demanded he tape it as well as a football around his waist.

Face-painter and kid's fitness instructor Cheryl said: "He first said 'no way!' but I told him he was boring and he gave in.

"He now realises all the noises I made were for real and not made up and the baby was ten pounds."

Cheryl and her two other children, Alexa, 12, and Dion, ten, "couldn't stop laughing" as the dad-to-be stumbled around their home in Dingwall, Scotland on April 4.

The hilarious clip shows fabricator Colin struggling to pick up things, put on his shoes and get off the bed himself, and had clearly had enough of the three-and-a-half extra kilograms after fifteen minutes.

After his ordeal, Colin said "thank God I'm a man!" but gained a new sympathy for his heavily pregnant wife.

Cheryl said: "It was Dion who videoed us doing the challenge as he knows how to work TikTok better than us. 

"Dion found it hilarious whereas Alexa was a bit more embarrassed that her mam and dad were making TikTok videos!"

Just two days after the funny experiment, Cheryl gave birth to her third child Amelia who weighed ten pounds.

The newborn is a "great new addition to the family", and dad Colin is pulling his weight differently now - with nappy changes and night feeds.