The Muppet Christmas Carol: 2022 re-release trailer

For the first time ever this Christmas, audiences will be able to celebrate the holiday season in true festive style with a sparkling full length version of The Muppet Christmas Carol as it comes back to UK and Irish cinemas from 2 December. To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, the film’s famous long lost song ‘When Love is Gone’ will also be included and seen by audiences on the big screen.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is in cinemas nationwide from 2 December, 2022.

Video transcript

- Bah, humbug.

- He was the greediest man alive--

- It's Ebenezer Scrooge.

- --until the night he met someone extraordinary.

- Hello.


- "The Muppet Christmas Carol."

- I'll drink to Mr. Scrooge. Even though he is odious, stingy, and badly dressed.


- Humbug.

- (SINGING) Oh, there goes Mr. Humbug, there goes Mr. Grim.

- Do you think it's safe for us to be up here?


- (SINGING) If they gave a prize for being mean, the winner would be him.

- Yes, Mr. Cratchit?

- Um, if you please, Mr. Scrooge. The bookkeeping staff would like to have an extra shovel full of coal for the fire.

- Our assets are frozen.

- How would the bookkeepers like to be suddenly unemployed?

- The heatwave, oi! This is my island in the sun. Oi, oi!

- It's Charles Dickens' classic tale--

- Whoa!

- --as only the Muppets can tell it.

- It's good to be heckling again.

- It's good to be doing anything again.

- Filled with holiday warmth--

- Hey, hey, hey, hey! Light the lamp, not the rat! Light the lamp, not the rat!

- --and Christmas spirit.

- Scrooge.

- Jacob Marley?



- Whoa, that's scary stuff. Hey, should we be worried about the kids in the audience?

- Nah, it's all right. This is culture.

- This is the movie to see, to share, to cherish with someone you love.

- Thank you for making me a part of this.

- Walt Disney Pictures presents-- from Jim Henson productions, "The Muppet Christmas Carol."

- God bless us, every one.

- Whatever.