Mushroom Caps Are The Perfect Base For Gluten-Free Pizza

mushrooms pizzas
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Mushrooms are a popular topping on pizzas and can jazz up the pie with the perfect blend of flavor and moisture. Have you ever considered tossing away the dough and using portabello mushroom caps as the base for your pizza instead? Mushroom cap pizzas are easy to make, convenient to eat, and make for the perfect gluten-free pizza. Here's why you should consider them for your next meal.

Some people have an allergy to gluten called celiac disease, which, according to The Mayo Clinic, can cause everything from abdominal pain to vomiting and diarrhea. So traditional pizza is off the table. Other people follow the keto diet, which limits the amount of carbs they can consume. For that reason, mushrooms make for a hearty replacement for pizza dough. This ingredient has often been used as a low-carb substitute or to support a meatless diet, as people have used portabello mushroom caps to replace bread in sandwiches and ground beef in vegan burgers. Therefore, pizza seems like a logical next step.

According to Web MD, portabellos are low in both fat and calories. They're also packed with savory flavor, and you won't have to worry about soggy dough ruining your experience. So, how do you make a mushroom cap pizza?

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How To Make A Mushroom Pizza

mushroom cap pizzas
mushroom cap pizzas - Ezume Images/Shutterstock

First, the preparation for mushroom cap pizza is simpler than standard pizzas. Many grocery stores sell portabello caps already sliced. However, the whole mushroom caps are the perfect shape for a personal pan pizza. That said, you might want to consider pre-roasting your portabellos before adding your pizza toppings. Mushrooms are naturally juicy, so baking some of its extra moisture out will prevent your pizza from turning into soup.

As for sauces, you can go with a traditional marinara sauce if you want something closer to traditional pizza. However, pesto also goes well with mushrooms, especially when combined with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella squares. Creating the pizza is as simple as putting down some sauce, followed by your favorite cheese -- shredded or cubed is fine -- and your choice of toppings.

For a classic pizza, consider using mini pepperonis instead of the regular-sized variety, as they might overwhelm your dish. However, you can get creative with your toppings too. Perhaps the mushroom base will inspire you to add more veggies. Why not try broccoli to give your pie an added crunch? Whatever you choose, remember to have fun with it. Portabello pizzas may become your go-to snack or easy weeknight meal.

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