Naftogaz Ukraine CEO outlines how Ukraine has prepared its energy system for Russian attacks

Oleksiy Chernyshov during the NV Success Formula of Ukraine event
Oleksiy Chernyshov during the NV Success Formula of Ukraine event

Naftogaz Ukraine board chair Oleksiy Chernyshov explained how the company has prepared for possible Russian attacks this winter during NV’s ‘Ukraine’s Success Formula’ event on Nov. 11.

The state oil and gas company has made "the maximum preparations that it was able to achieve."

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"It consists of fortifications, basic comprehensive protection, physical structures that protect against debris, and other means to combat attacks, including electronic ones," said the Naftogaz CEO.

"It also means accumulating appropriate energy reserves, primarily fuel and generators used during possible blackouts. That is, Naftogaz Group is ready for these events," he said.

Underground gas storage facilities are the most secure he added.

"It is clear that this is the most protected facility because it is three kilometers underground," he said.

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“But there is a ground infrastructure that we have to protect together with the Armed Forces, with the Defense Forces. We are doing everything we can in this regard.”

The official emphasized that the Russians were also preparing for the attacks.

"The enemy has also been preparing all year. And it also takes these [Ukrainian preparations] into account technologically," Chernyshov said.

"We are preparing for challenges, they are guaranteed," he concluded.

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