NAMM 2024: Did new Gibson and Epiphone guitars just get revealed in two Falcon amp demos?

 Epiphone Firebird.
Epiphone Firebird.

NAMM 2024: Gibson has form for cheeky and often subtle product reveals before any official announcements, and it's usually CEO Cesar Gueikian who is the source. But this time we think we've found what look like two very different new electric guitars, one from Epiphone and one from Gibson, in a new demo for the just-announced Falcon amps.

We haven't seen any mention or pics of the reverse headstock Firebird singer-songwriter Charlie Worsham is playing through a Falcon 20 in the video below. The blue looks like a custom colour. Perhaps that could hint at a possible Inspired By Gibson Custom Shop connection, but that's pure hopeful conjecture on my part. The possibility of USA-made Firebird pickups on an Epiphone though… yes please!

On the Gibson side, there was another possible reveal in the Falcon initial launch demo video on the Gibson Gear Guide YouTube channel with Dinesh Lekhraj, and it was pretty brief. Yet there it was, and labelled on screen too; an Ebony Theodore model, but with dual humbuckers. Again, I've seen no mention of this anywhere else.

Check it out, bookmarked below. And Gibson, please keep those cheek Easter eggs coming!