Nan Goldin Pulls Out of NYT Project Over Paper’s ‘Complicity With Israel’

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Photographer and activist Nan Goldin said Thursday that she had pulled out of a collaboration with the New York Times Magazine because she believed the paper’s coverage of Gaza was biased in favor of Israel. “Yesterday, I canceled a big job with the New York Times Sunday magazine — a cover shoot of a musician I admire — because of the NYT’s reporting on the war on Gaza, which shows complicity with Israel,” she wrote on Instagram, tagging the organization Writers Against the War on Gaza (WAWOG). “For what they report and don’t report, and how they question the veracity of anything Palestinians say.” Last week, Goldin said in an interview with the Times that she would no longer work with Artforum after the publication ousted top editor David Velasco because of an open letter the magazine published about the Israel-Hamas war. “I have never lived through a more chilling period,” Goldin said then. “People are being blacklisted. People are losing their jobs.”

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