Nasa picture captures incredible beauty of UK - as seen from space

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
The stunning image was taken with a Nikon D5 camera (PA)

A breathtaking image of the UK shot on the International Space Station reveals the nation's expansive green lands and surrounding waters.

The Nasa image was captured by astronauts in low Earth orbit, as it travelled past earth on February 26 at exactly 9.25 in the morning.

The spacecraft’s altitude was 214 nautical miles away from Earth – or the same distance it takes to drive from central London to Manchester by car via the M40.

The UK looks stunning as it is captured by cameras aboard the International Space Station (ISS) (PA)

The UK looks stunning as it is captured by cameras aboard the International Space Station (ISS) (PA)

A Nikon D5 with a 17-35mm zoom lens was used to snap the shot, which was taken through a window of the ISS as it manoeuvred over the sea between Wales and Ireland.

In 2018, the ISS celebrated 20 years since it was first launched.

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However, the first group of long-term residents on board the space station did not arrive until two years later in November 2000.

In its lifetime, ISS has been home to 236 astronauts, including British ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Major Tim Peake.

Major Peake as a resident on board the station from December 15, 2015 until June 18, 2016.

Six astronauts aboard the ISS complete between 15 to 16 orbits of the earth each day.

The station’s astronauts conduct experiments for the advancement of space exploration, technology and medicine.

On Wednesday, a food shipment was blasted to the ISS from Virginia, US.

The Northrop Grumman’s C rocket launched Cygnus capsule from Wallops Island and is expected to reach the station by Friday.