Nath Valvo: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

Nath Valvo
·2-min read

Hello. My name is Nath Valvo. I’m a comedian by trade and I have almost finished the internet. You can finish the internet too! All you need to do is spend six to eight hours a day scrolling through a never-ending abyss of content that doesn’t improve your quality of life in any way. It’s pretty great.

Here is a list of funny videos to kickstart your journey! I believe in you. Good luck!

1. Bag man

This is the single funniest video I have ever seen.

2. Sharon

I wanted to make all remaining nine videos this one.

3. The fly in your apartment

It really is the fly in my apartment!

4. Every ‘Northern’ character in a musical

I love musicals and I love this even more.

5. Adam Driver impression

An impression of Adam Driver ordering a coffee? Yes please!

6. How to draw Bart Simpson

A little video for the arts and crafts lovers!

7. How far away are Dianne Keaton’s forks?

It’s a good question.

8. When characters in musicals transition from speaking to singing

Yes another musical one – deal with it.

9. Emo music

This is angry teenager Nath Valvo, hanging in the Greensborough Plaza Sanity CD store.

10. The 3AW prank call

A legendary moment for late-night radio nerds. No I am not the prank caller. (Extreme language warning.)

• Nath Valvo is performing live in Sydney, Wyong and Currumbin ahead of the Adelaide fringe festival, where his show Chatty Cathy begins 8 March