NBA refs to discuss Game 3 calls in real-time on Twitter

Torrey Hart
Yahoo Sports Contributor
NBA referees will discuss Game 3 of the NBA Finals in real-time on Twitter. (AP)

The National Basketball Referees Association announced Tuesday that it will host a live referee “watch party” during Game 3 of the NBA Finals Wednesday night to discuss in-game calls with fans in real-time.

The referees behind the @OfficialNBARefs account will answers questions submitted with #RefWatchParty, but the individuals answering questions will not be identified – which is probably for the best, if we’re being honest.

The plan is to address specific plays and interpret rules as questions arise.

Throughout the playoffs, the referee association has been using social media to address questionable calls and offer alternate points of view on rule interpretation. The following is an example:

This new strategy comes as part of changes stemming from an NBRA meeting with the player’s union during the All-Star break, wherein the two parties agreed to better communicate with each other.

On the court during Game 3 will be Marc Davis, Zach Zarba, and John Goble, with Eric Lewis standing by as an alternate.