Nearly 1,000 Pounds Of Deli Ham Recalled Over Misbranding And Allergen Concerns

Label for Hormel spiced ham
Label for Hormel spiced ham - Mpessaris/Getty Images

Hormel Foods, a well-known food company based in Minnesota, has issued a recall for almost 1,000 pounds of processed meat, specifically a ready-to-eat spiced deli ham labeled as "Hormel Spiced Ham With Natural Juices." The recall comes after the discovery of misbranding and the potential for exposure to an unlisted dairy product. The ham product was distributed to retailers in Pennsylvania and subsequently sliced for sale in deli departments, according to a January 3, 2024 announcement by the Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Labeling requirements include listing the presence of milk since it's a known allergen, but the sliced deli ham doesn't directly include milk — so the declaration was absent from the label. However, retail deli workers who sliced the ham noticed cheese. Since cheese is made with milk, the potential for an allergic reaction exists. Among the possible symptoms are abdominal cramps, wheezing, and vomiting, per the Mayo Clinic. Extreme reactions can be fatal.

The affected lot of Hormel ready-to-eat spiced deli ham is no longer being distributed, but it may still be present in cold-storage facilities of grocery retailers, deli outlets, and food service providers. Though no known allergic reactions have been reported to date, consumers are cautioned to dispose of the ham or return it to the place of purchase. This recall applies only to the product packaged on November 27, 2023, identified by specific lot codes, dates, and labels.

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Identifying The Recalled Hormel Spiced Deli Ham

Hormel Spiced Ham product
Hormel Spiced Ham product - Hormel

The recalled Hormel ready-to-eat spiced hams were packaged in plastic casing holding five pounds of the meat, though varying package weights could have resulted from retail delis re-slicing the product for sale. The original, individual 5-pound packaging indicates a fully cooked product bearing the label of "Hormel Spiced Ham With Natural Juices," and carries a lot code of 051424. In case quantities, the box label is assigned with a separate case code of 04472, labeled as "HML SPCD HAM-D SHAPE 9/5LB." The pertinent stamped date reads as PREPARE/FRZ BY 05/14/24-07. Furthermore, the recalled product bears a USDA mark of inspection with an establishment code of "EST. 199."

The current recall for Hormel spiced ham follows a separate recall from the company approximately five months earlier. The September 2023 recall involved metal cans of SPAM Classic that had potentially been under-processed for commercial sterility. No adverse reactions had been reported when the product went into recall status.

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