Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 will be ‘spectacular,’ says Lance Henriksen

Although Neill Blomkamp’s proposed fifth ‘Alien’ movie has yet to get an official green light, fans of the series are feverishly anticipating it – and they’re not alone.

Lance Henriksen, famed for his role in the franchise as the android Bishop, has spoken of his excitement for the ‘District 9,’ ‘Elysium’ and ‘Chappie’ filmmaker’s sequel in waiting.

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Henriksen tells IGN, “You know they’re going to make another one. It picks up right where Aliens ended. I don’t know if I’m going to be in a baggie or how I’m going to be in it.”

The 76-year old actor went on to praise Blomkamp as “a really wonderful, wonderful writer. I have a feeling that if he did it, it would be something spectacular. And there’s an audience for it.”

Blomkamp’s film is pitched as a retcon of the series, following on directly from ‘Aliens’ and disregarding the events of ‘Alien³’ and ‘Alien Resurrection.’

It has long since been confirmed that the film would see the return of Sigourney Weaver as franchise heroine Ripley, as well as Michael Biehn’s Hicks and Carrie Henn’s Newt (with a new actress in the role as Henn has not acted again since ‘Aliens’) – the latter two characters having originally been killed off-camera before the events of the third film.

However, there has been no word on whether or not Blomkamp also plans to bring back Bishop. Henriksen reprised the role briefly in 'Alien³’, and went on to play a different role in ‘Alien Vs Predator.’

Blomkamp’s film was put on hold due to Ridley Scott’s upcoming ‘Alien: Covenant,’ set to bridge the gap between prequel ‘Prometheus’ and the original ‘Alien,’ which is due to hit cinemas 4 August 2017.

Picture Credit: 20th Century Fox