New on Netflix March 9-15: 7 expert-approved movies and shows to stream this week

 A still from Netflix's Iron Reign.
A still from Netflix's Iron Reign.

The Netflix machine never slows down, and with a new week we're being serenaded with another long list of new shows, movies and specials that might be worth a watch.

What to Watch's streaming expert has picked 7 new additions hitting the streamer between Saturday, March 9 and Friday, March 15 that might be worth a watch. These are Netflix's biggest upcoming releases as well as potential hidden gems and weekend binge-watches, with a nice big range.

This week we've got history shows, true crime documentaries, romantic movies, crime thrillers and Caribbean adventures, with something for everybody (unless you like reality, sorry).

So let's find you something on Netflix to watch this week.

Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War

  • Historical docuseries is released on Tuesday, March 12

The title image for Netflix's Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War
The title image for Netflix's Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War

History fans have found lots to watch on Netflix recently, with some impressive series on the past, and Turning Point takes a look at a period of time that's a little more recent.

Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War has a pretty expansive remit. It looks at the progression of the Cold War, all the way from the end of the Second World War up until the modern day. With loads of interviews, it'll give you a glimpse into geopolitics over that time, which should explain a little about the weird current state of the world.


  • Mexican adventure series sets sail on Wednesday, March 13

Bring in the summer a little early with Bandidos, as the new Mexican adventure series takes place across the sunny Caribbean.

Bandidos is about three friends who come across an ancient treasure map, that could help them find some long-lost treasure somewhere in the Maya Riviera. Various obstacles stand in their way as they try to complete this treasure hunt and claim the Snake King's lost loot.

Iron Reign

  • Spanish crime series arrives on Thursday, March 14

A still from Netflix's Iron Reign
A still from Netflix's Iron Reign

The latest in Netflix's ever-growing list of European crime thrillers comes to us from Spain, and the sunny city of Barcelona.

Iron Reign is about a man named Joaquin who's an important figure at the port of Barcelona, so the flow of drugs through the city depends upon him. That is, it did, however when cocaine goes missing he'll have to fight for his life in an underground drug war.

Art of Love

  • Turkish romance action movie arrives on Thursday, March 14

There's a new romantic action movie coming from Turkey that sounds a little like Netflix smash-hit Red Notice, but with a bit more romance in the mix.

The story centers on Alin, who works for the Art Crime Unit at Interpol. After spending years hunting for a mysterious art thief, she eventually discovers that it's actually a man she was one engaged to. Suddenly, her hunt for a thief becomes a lot more personal.

Chicken Nugget

  • Korean comedy series arrives on Thursday, March 14

Ahn Jae-hong in Chicken Nugget
Ahn Jae-hong in Chicken Nugget

Netflix's weirdest new series in a while comes at us from South Korea, and it's all about a woman called Min-ah who's turned into food.

After Min-ah's father Sun-man makes a machine and accidentally turns his daughter into a chicken nugget with it, the man must team up with his intern Baek-joong to find a way to reverse this mistake of science.

As that description suggests, it's a strange new series, but that description has been the load-bearing part of Netflix's marketing around it.

Irish Wish

  • Romance movie lands on Friday, March 15

Lindsay Lohan in Irish Wish
Lindsay Lohan in Irish Wish

Lindsay Lohan is back at it, with her most recent film transporting her to — you guessed it — Ireland as she hunts for love.

In Irish Wish, Lohan plays Maddie, who travels to Ireland to attend the wedding of her best friend and the man Maddie is in love with. When she makes a wish for true love, she wakes up to find her switched places with her best friend, and it all seems perfect... until she realizes that the perfect person for her might still be out

The Outreau Case: A French Nightmare

  • French legal docuseries debuting on Friday, March 15

A still from Netflix's The Outreau Case
A still from Netflix's The Outreau Case

To most French, 'A French Nightmare' would simply refer to 'the British', but for a certain family from north France, it means a whole lot more.

The Outreau Case is about a French legal case of the same name, and the implications it had on the legal system of the country going forward. In early 2000s, in the town of Outreau, a family is accused of drastic acts against its children... and the media circus surrounding the events threaten to discredit the victims completely.