Netflix’s most-watched true crime drama sets cast and chilling story for season 2

 Everybody Knows/Chloe Sevigny.
Everybody Knows/Chloe Sevigny.

Netflix’s true crime anthology series Monster has added some big names to its cast. Javier Bardem and Chloë Sevigny have joined the show, alongside the previously announced Cooper Koch and Nicholas Alexander Chavez.

Per Variety, the second season focuses on the true story of the Menéndez brothers, and will be titled Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menéndez Story. Erik (Koch) and Lyle Menéndez (Chavez) were convicted in 1996 of the murder of their parents, who’ll be played by Bardem and Sevigny.

During the trial, the brothers argued they committed the murders out of self-defense, while the prosecution argued it was to inherit their father’s multimillion-dollar estate. Their case was very interesting too in how it was tried. Initially, the pair were tried separately, but after mistrials from deadlocked juries, they were tried together and found guilty. They are currently serving life in prison.

The first season of Monster saw Evan Peters play serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Released back in late 2022, it broke numerous streaming records, and it’s currently ranked at number four in the streamer’s most-watched series of all time, behind Squid Game, Wednesday, and Stranger Things season 4.

After its huge success, Netflix renewed it for two more anthology seasons. While we don't yet know what the third season of the show will be about, the streamer promised they will focus on "other monstrous figures who have impacted society."

Monster season 2 is expected later in 2024. For more, check out our guides to the best Netflix shows and the best Netflix movies available right now.