Netflix Has A Neat Surprise For Anyone Still Using Its Mail-In Service

 Netflix DVD envelopes
Netflix DVD envelopes

Netflix is officially ending the service that started it all, its DVD subscription. Sadly, the streamer is getting rid of the physical media service on September 29th. However, while mail-in service customers have to say goodbye to Netflix DVD, the video streaming service has a neat surprise that’s going to make them very happy.

In August, Netflix announced it was going to give its remaining DVD customers the chance to receive up to 10 extra discs in their final shipment before the mail-in service is gone for good. Now, the streaming service has also clarified on Twitter that customers will not be charged after August 29th for unreturned discs, meaning they'll get to keep them forever.

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This is amazing news for mail-in customers because they no longer have to wonder about late fees for the closing service. How the Netflix DVD service normally works is you pay a subscription to pick as many movies as you want to be delivered to your house, as you return one, the next in your queue will be sent to you. You don’t have to visit a kiosk or worry about having to leave your home to return the discs. Everything is through the service’s signature red envelopes (which you should definitely keep after for nostalgic purposes) and your mailbox.

Ever since 1998, Netflix DVD has had a great run. You’d get such joy of picking which movies and shows you want to see, which was followed by a lovely surprise right in your mailbox.

In 2011, customers didn’t like when Netflix broke apart its streaming and DVD service into two, calling its physical media side Qwikster. However, after listening to customer complaints about the rebranding, it abandoned Qwikster and just called it Netflix DVD. Despite the uneasy shift, Netflix DVD still pushed forward when it bought and went through with the separation. Unfortunately, the sending of red envelopes will come to a close, as it'd seen a major drop in business from $200 million in revenue in 2021 to half that the next year, per Tech Crunch.

Red envelope fans were not happy about the news, especially if they were still using that service. Honestly, I can understand the fury. There are, after all, people who still like to watch DVDs and aren’t ready to let go of that pastime for streaming. Also when you think about it, not every movie is available on streaming services. So, at least having a video library will increase your chances of seeing that film that’s been sitting on your watchlist but isn't available online.

Netflix DVD may be coming to an end on September 29, but you still have the chance to score random discs that you can keep with you always. If for some reason you don’t want your final discs, make sure to return them by October 27. As this era comes to an end, make sure to check in on your Netflix subscription, and make sure you have the plan you want so you can take advantage of the streaming service's movie schedule and TV schedule.