Netflix says ‘no truth’ to rumours that Bridgerton and The Crown are fighting over locations

Isobel Lewis
·1-min read

Netflix has shut down rumours that The Crown and Bridgerton are fighting over the same filming locations.

With production due to begin in the coming months on both of the streaming service’s big hitters, reports had emerged that the shows were stepping on each other’s toes when it came to a number of shared locations in the UK.

Both of the period dramas shoot at Somerley Estate in Hampshire, which represents Highgrove in The Crown and a country home in Bridgerton. Meanwhile, Wilton House in Wiltshire doubles up as the home of Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings and The Crown’s Buckingham Palace.

Despite rumours of production clashes, a spokesperson for Netflix told The Mirror that there was no issue as a filming schedule hasn’t been put in place yet.

The Crown films in Summer 2021 and there is currently no filming schedule,” they said. “There is no truth to the story that it is in competition with Bridgerton for locations.”

Somerley House is home to The Crown’s Highgrove estate (pictured) and BridgertonDes Willie/Netflix
Somerley House is home to The Crown’s Highgrove estate (pictured) and BridgertonDes Willie/Netflix

The Crown will film for two more seasons, while Bridgerton has just been renewed for a second season.

On Wednesday (27 January), Netflix announced that Bridgerton was now their most-watched original series ever.

While the company originally projected that 63 million accounts would tune into Shonda Rhimes’ historical drama series in its first 28 days – making it Netflix’s fifth biggest TV launch – 82 million accounts actually watched the show in the time period.

This surpasses the record previously set by The Witcher, which amassed 76 million views in its first 28 days.

Netflix counts a “view” as someone watching at least two minutes of a series or film.