Netflix turns 20: Celebrities who binge-watch just like you

The term “binge-watching” has exploded along with Netflix’s popularity. But the term wasn’t invented by the content-streaming giant. In fact, binge-watching first came into existence in the early aughts as DVD boxed sets became more popular. That being said, Netflix almost single-handedly popularized the phrase.

Twenty years ago today, Reed Hastings co-founded the company with Marc Randolph (fun fact: it was originally called Kibble). So to honor everyone’s favorite time-sucking activity, here are some celebrities who binge just like you.

Zac Efron managed to incorporate his Stranger Things binge into his exercise regimen.

Miley Cyrus found her show in Gracie and Frankie, voicing her support via Twitter.

Lea Michele has said that she’s so obsessed with Game of Thrones, “it’s disgusting.”

Comedian Jim Gaffigan went on Conan to describe his unique binge-watching habits by saying, “I binge-watch shows I don’t even like.” He explained his rationale, saying, “Well, this is pretty bad … I guess I’ll watch eight more episodes.”

Jennifer Lawrence was a huge Homeland fan and had her dream come true when she met Damian Lewis on the red carpet. But her third-season binge was ruined by Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson, who spoiled a major plot twist.

Hillary Clinton is guilty of bingeing as well, though her choice of Madam Secretary is a little on the nose. But she shares the habit with former President Barack Obama, who indulged his inner Don Draper and binged his way through Mad Men.

In other entertainment news, Adele invited Grenfell survivors to a movie night:

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