Netflix's 'Black Mirror' Season 7 To Premiere in 2025

Netflix officially announced that Black Mirror season seven will make its premiere in 2025.

The upcoming season of Charlie Brooker's dark, satirical anthology series will return with a total of six brand new episodes, which includes a sequel to the "USS Callister" episode from season four. The episode starred Jesse Plemons as Robert Daly, a brilliant yet anti-social programmer who co-founded a successful multiplayer online game. Resentful about not receiving recognition for his work, he creates a private space adventure game that sees him ordering around sentient digital clones of his colleagues. The clone of his new colleague Nanette, played by Cristin Milioti, proves to be trouble, however, as she attempts to stage a coup and overthrow Robert.

Brooker, Jessica Rhoades and Annabel Jones will executive produce season seven. A detailed list of episodes and its cast are yet to be announced.

Watch the teaser above and stay tuned for more info on Black Mirror season seven.