Netflix's Gears of War movie takes exciting step forward with Dune writer

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Netflix's Gears of War progresses with Dune writerMomodu Mansaray - Getty Images

Netflix's Gears of War movie has taken an exciting step forward with Dune writer Jon Spaihts.

According to Variety, Spaihts has boarded the project as screenwriter for the live-action movie adaptation of the hugely popular video game.

Academy Award-nominated writer Spaihts is best known for co-writing Dune, and the upcoming Dune: Part Two.

Spaihts, who also served as screenwriter for Marvel's Doctor Strange, said he was "thrilled" to adapt the acclaimed video game saga, which has sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

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"Gears of War is one of the all-time great action games, with vivid characters, a beautifully designed world, and a combat system that drives home the lethality of war and the importance of standing by your squadmates," Spaihts said in a statement. "It wants to be cinema, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to help that happen."

Back in November, Netflix announced a collaboration with video game developer The Coalition to adapt the games for the big screen.

Speaking of Spaihts' appointment as screenwriter, The Coalition called him a "master storyteller" and echoed the writer's previous sentiments saying they are "thrilled" to have him on board.

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"We're thrilled to partner with Jon and the Netflix team to bring Gears of War to life," The Coalition said (via Variety). "Jon is a master storyteller with a talent for creating epic, science-fiction universes, and he truly loves Gears of War. We couldn't ask for a better partner to honor our franchise and deliver an authentic story to our fans."

Meanwhile, Marvel star Dave Bautista recently pitched himself for the lead role in the Gears of War movie adaptation via a post on Twitter. Bautista is hoping to play Marcus Fenix in the film version of the post-apocalyptic, Locust-ridden video game.

Gears of War is yet to receive a release date.

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