Netflix's new number one movie is a Korean action flick that's like Mad Max meets The Last of Us

 Don Lee and Lee Jun-young in Netflix's Badland Hunters.
Don Lee and Lee Jun-young in Netflix's Badland Hunters.

South Korean actioner Badland Hunters has become Netflix's new number one movie after just three days of streaming – and it's being described by critics as Mad Max meets The Last of Us.

As of January 28, the disaster flick has bagged the top spot in the streamer's worldwide ranking, followed up by the likes of Lift, Sixty Minutes, Society of the Snow, and The Kitchen.

According to, it's proving particularly popular in South American, African, and Eastern territories, as well as France, Greece, and Hungary. At time of writing, The Lost City is number one in the UK, and The Hill is number one in the US.

Starring K-pop star Lee Jun-young, Lee Hee-jun, and Train to Busan star Don Lee, a.k.a. Ma Dong-seok, Badland Hunters was directed by Heo Myeong-haeng, who's best known in the industry as a martial arts choreographer. "Years after Seoul turns into an apocalyptic wasteland, a tough huntsman takes matters into his own hands when a teenager he's close to is abducted by a mad doctor who conducts experiments on humans," reads the official synopsis.

"It is a mix of Mad Max, The Last of Us and The Raid with Ma Dong-Seok kicking ass again," says Movie Reviews 101 writer Darren Lucas, while But Why Tho's Kate Sanchez pens: "Badland Hunters isn't high art, but it is rip-roaring fun that gets bigger and louder with each subsequent act."

Movie and Munchies' Chris Joyce argues: "While the story is predictable and doesn’t offer up any surprises, the awesome fight choreography enhances the brutality of the battles showcasing flowing moves that end with bodily devastation."

Badland Hunters is streaming now on Netflix. If you've already watched but are in the mood for more high octane thrills, check out our picks of the best Netflix action movies for some viewing inspiration.