Netflix's The Platform is unlikely to get a sequel

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The Platform spoilers follow.

Netflix thriller The Platform has been one of the most-talked about movies of the year after its launch in March proved to be unintentionally timely.

The movie landed in the midst of the current global situation which gave the Spanish thriller an added level, given that it sees the occupants of the Vertical Self-Management Center literally fight over a limited supply of food every day.

And it helped that The Platform leaves a major question unanswered with an ambiguous ending. So could there be the potential for a sequel?

We're about to head into spoilers, so look away now if you haven't seen it yet.

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Each month, voluntary inmate Goreng is assigned randomly to a different level and eventually takes it upon himself to change the system.

There's enough food for each level, as long as everyone only takes what they need (hi, timely social allegory...), so he embarks on a dangerous quest to ensure a message is sent to the administration running the hole.

At first, Goreng and fellow inmate Baharat believe that the message will be ensuring a luxury panna cotta gets back to the top level. But when they meet a young girl on level 333, they realise that she is the "symbol" they need to send back.

Baharat dies from wounds he sustained in an earlier fight and Goreng knows he can't go with the girl, so he gets off the platform and the next time it arrives, the girl gets on and travels all the way to the top.

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We don't actually see the girl reach the top or how the administration reacts to her arrival, although director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia revealed to Digital Spy that there was a different ending originally.

"We actually did film a different ending of the girl arriving at the first level, but we took it out of the movie. I'll leave what happens to your imagination," he teased.

And the whole thing might just all be in the mind of a dying Goreng too: "To me, that lowest level doesn't exist. Goreng is dead before he arrives, and that's just his interpretation of what he felt he had to do.

"Ultimately I wanted it to be open to interpretation, whether the plan worked and the higher-ups even care about the people in the pit."

That makes it sound like Gaztelu-Urrutia doesn't really have the intention to make a sequel to The Platform, and he hasn't directly commented on whether there could be a follow-up, given the mysteries it leaves unanswered and the open ending.

The scope for a sequel is there though, even if the director didn't want to directly answer the mystery of its ending.

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A sequel to The Platform could act as a prequel exploring the origins of the hole, given that most of what we learn during the movie about the hole turns out to be untrue

We also don't really get much information about why the hole was set up or what its purpose is. Goreng's first level-mate Trimagasi was imprisoned there for killing someone, but Goreng goes in voluntarily to quit smoking.

Imoguiri, who worked for the administration, tells Goreng that the hole was essentially a social experiment to create "spontaneous solidarity", while Goreng believes the opposite is true and if solidarity happens in the hole, the higher-ups would know how to stop it on the outside.

However, we feel that a sequel is unlikely right now as The Platform feels like it was made as a one-off. To understand the movie and its setting, you don't really need to know the whole backstory. Mind you, that's what they said about Cube (two sequels and counting).

We're also not sure we want to see what happens to the girl when she reaches the top as the majority of The Platform, before its moment of hope at the end, is fairly bleak and scathing towards human nature.

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Would the administration see the error of its way and close the hole when they see the girl? Or would it be more likely that they'll just work to find a way to not make it happen again?

The opportunity is there for a follow-up to The Platform, but for now, a return to the hole is unlikely.

The Platform is now available to watch on Netflix.

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