New Horns Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Is Devilishly Good (Exclusive)

Daniel Radcliffe is on a winning streak and this exclusive trailer for his new film ‘Horns’ shows that run is set to continue. Watch it above.

After critically-acclaimed turns as Allen Ginsberg in beat biopic ‘Kill Your Darlings’ and as the lovestruck Wallace in ‘What If’, the former Potter star’s next move is playing Ig Perrish in this adaptation of the Joe Hill romantic horror novel.

We’re also super-excited to exclusively reveal the main UK poster too. Check it out below (click to enlarge).

Horns Main UK Poster
Horns Main UK Poster

While most people his age are worried about a breakout of pimples, Ig’s problem is a pair of horns that have literally broken out of his forehead. The protrusions, which also grant special powers, appear after his long-time girlfriend Merrin (played by Juno Temple) is brutally murdered and Ig is the prime suspect.

The devilish horns on his head probably don’t help his case as he explains in the trailer: “When they looked at me they saw the devil, and now I had to look the part.”

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He’s on a mission to track down who killed Merrin and make them confess in order to get himself off the hook, and if he has to use his new powers? It’s a bonus. Those skills seem to include control over fire and snakes. Wonder if he uses Parseltongue?

Part romance, part slasher movie, ‘Horns’ is a huge departure for Radcliffe who gets to prove his acting chops once more playing such a mixed-up and potentially dangerous character.

We also love these character posters.

Daniel Radcliffe Horns Poster
Daniel Radcliffe Horns Poster
Juno Temple Horns Poster
Juno Temple Horns Poster

Based on the best-selling 2010 book from Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King, ‘Horns’ is coming to cinemas on 29 October, just in time for Halloween.