New Iron Man 3 poster teases plot details?

Who’s that in the suit?

A brand new teaser poster for ‘Iron Man 3’ is here, showing Robert Downey Jr. looking like one mean metallic hero  - but he’s not the only metal man on the scene.

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Iron men... Stark and the mystery group in the background (Credit: Disney)
In the background of Marvel’s latest promo poster - aside from Tony Stark’s burning seaside home (which we’ve seen from the trailers) - there’s seven Iron Man-esque armoured figures assembling in the sky.

We already know about Don Cheadle’s War Machine/Iron Patriot – but who are these guys?

From the look on Downey Jr.’s face, we’re gonna assume they’re not good.

It’s the second time we’ve seen a stressed looking Stark in this poster run – the first being a Super Bowl teaser worryingly depicting the hero crashing out of the sky.

We’ve also seen a patriotically kitted out Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce’s sneaky scientist, Ben Kinglsey’s mean looking Mandarin, and most recently Gwyneth Paltrow cradling the Iron Man helmet missing from this latest poster.

Any idea on who the mystery metal men could be in this one?

‘Iron Man 3’, directed by Shane Black, opens in the UK 26 April 2013.