New Jurassic World Trailer Unleashes Terrifying New Dinosaur

In ‘Jurassic World’, John Hammond’s dream of “biological attractions so astounding they’ll capture the imagination of the entire planet” has finally come true.

But, like his first venture into dino-parks back in 1993, those “biological attractions” have started eating the tourists. Check out the latest TV trailer for the fourth ‘Jurassic Park’ film above.


This latest film begins with Jurassic World as a fully operational tourist attraction.

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However attendance is down and so they need something bigger, louder, and with more teeth to attract new crowds. Their solution is the Indominus Rex, a new genetically modified creature. But this being ‘Jurassic Park’, things have started to go drastically wrong with the new attraction, pictured below.


“What happened to the sibling?” asks Chris Pratt’s dino-handler Owen.

“She ate it.” Bryce Dallas Howard’s corporate suit Claire responds.

It looks like the I-Rex escapes and starts killing the other dinosaurs… as well as the park guests too.


‘Jurassic World’ is coming to cinemas in 3D on 12 June, 2015.

Image credits: Universal Pictures