These new Lego 'Trolls World Tour' sets will give you all the feels (exclusive)

'Trolls World Tour' Volcano Rock City Concert (Photo: Lego)

Don’t even try to stop this feeling: Trolls World Tour is coming to rock your world next spring, and Lego is celebrating the sequel to the 2016 hit with a new collection of colorful construction sets, and well-coiffed minifigures. Yahoo Entertainment has your exclusive first look at these sets, and we guarantee you won’t be able to take your eyes up off them.

Picking up four years after the previous movie, Trolls World Tour sends the dynamic duo of Poppy and Branch (Anna Kendrick and Justine Timberlake) out into the world beyond their own secluded kingdom where six different tribes of Trolls — each with their own distinct musical stylings — await. Don’t expect them to sing in perfect harmony, though. The Rock Tribe, led by Queen Barb (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star, Rachel Bloom), seeks to drown out all other kinds of music, which is bad news for those who enjoy a good pop-funk-country fusion now and then.

'Trolls World Tour' Poppy's Pod (Photo: Lego)

Lego’s Trolls World Tour collection includes several sets that will be featured in the film, including Poppy’s ultra-pink Pod ($19.99), and the Hot-Air Balloon ($29.99) that she and Branch take on their awfully big adventure.

'Trolls World Tour' Poppy's Air Balloon Adventure (Photo: Lego)

In addition to soaring the friendly skies, our heroes also ride the rapids on a Rafting Adventure ($29.99) with Hickory, a Country Troll who speaks and sings with Sam Rockwell’s distinct twang.

'Trolls World Tour' Lonsone Flats Raft Adventure (Photo: Lego)

These construction sets also provide your first peek at some of the other Troll villages they encounter along the way, including a dance party at Techno Reef ($19.99), a volcanic concert in Rock City ($39.99) and peppy Pop Village ($49.99).

'Trolls World Tour' Techno Reef Dance Party (Photo: Lego)

'Trolls World Tour' Pop Village Celebration (Photo: Lego)

While you’ll have to wait until April to see the film, you can start building these sets as early as January: that’s when Lego will release the Trolls World Tour collection in stores and via online retailers. So spend some of that sunshine in your pocket and take a tour of the Trolls’ world without leaving your home.

Trolls World Tour opens in theaters on April 17; the Lego Trolls World Tour Collection ranges from $19.99-$49.99 and will be available in stores and at online retailers in January.

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