New Mets owner Steve Cohen takes bold step of asking fans for feedback on Twitter

Chris Cwik
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New York Mets owner Steve Cohen wants to know how he can improve your Mets experience. As part of his first act since being voted in as the team’s new owner, Cohen took the bold step of asking Mets fans for their feedback on Twitter.

Given how poorly Mets fans have had it lately, Cohen’s gambit could have been disastrous.

Instead, it turned into a sincere and wholesome back and forth between Cohen and the fans. Cohen responded to Mets fans who earnestly tweeted him about what changes they would like to see around the ballpark.

When one fan told Cohen he’s done enough by purchasing the team, Cohen responded by saying, “We can do more than that.”

One fan even tweeted they were banned by the Wilpons. Cohen responded by saying the team needs to fix that.

That fan even sent a picture of the letter from the Mets. Cohen responded by saying, “That is amazing.”

The worst you can say about the entire thread is that Cohen hasn’t responded to the one fan who asked Cohen to win the World Series every season.

Other than that — and let’s make it clear we’re joking here — Cohen handled himself well. Being open and sincere with fans is a good way to win them over and create trust. The Wilpons could have learned a few things from Cohen’s approach.

None of this guarantees Cohen will be a good owner. The fanbase could turn on him quickly depending on what the Mets do in the offseason, or which players they choose to extend in the coming years. It’s possible this is the best it ever gets between Cohen and the Mets’ fanbase. His honest interactions with the fans, however, are an encouraging sign that maybe things are finally looking up for Mets fans.

Mets looking for improvement under Steve Cohen

Aside from Cohen’s willingness to engage with Mets fans on Twitter, there are reasons to be optimistic about him taking over for the Wilpons. Cohen is valued at over $14 billion, making him the richest owner in MLB. Fans believe that could translate into the Mets spending more money in free agency.

While it’s unclear if that will happen, the Mets could certainly use some help. The team went just 26-34 in 2020, and could desperately use more starting pitching after the team’s starters posted a combined 5.37 ERA in 2020. Getting Noah Syndergaard back — and potentially Marcus Stroman — should help, but the fact that the Mets’ starter ERA was that high while Jacob deGrom turned in yet another fantastic season suggests more work needs to be done.

It will be up to Cohen to prove he’s willing to make that happen. Responding to fans on Twitter is one way to get fans on your side, but nothing is better than putting a winning team on the field.

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