New Michelle Keegan movie makes just £160 at the box office

Michelle Keegan (Credit: Getty)
Michelle Keegan (Credit: Getty)

A new movie starring former Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan made just £160 at the box office on its second weekend on release.

Strangeways Here We Come, named after the final Smiths album and set in Salford, is a black comedy about a group of tower block residents who plot to kill a loan shark.

But the homegrown feature has failed to make back even Keegan’s fee so far.

Strangeways Here We Come (Credit: Collateral Films)
Strangeways Here We Come (Credit: Collateral Films)

The Daily Mirror reports that it made £1,502 in its first week on release, and then £160 in its second, with the total so far at only £2,460.

Keegan, also known for her starring role in the BBC’s military drama Our Girl, plays one of the residents fleeced by Danny Nolan, a loan shark played by Stephen Lord, who briefly played Jase Dyer in EastEnders.

Penned and directed by Chris Green, it also stars Elaine Cassidy, Nina Wadia and Lauren Socha, but it’s been panned by critics.

The Guardian gave it a single star review, calling it ‘an awful Shameless rip-off’.

In a no-star review, The Times calls it ‘a hateful, seedy, self-scuppering mess’.

A source added to the Mirror: “Michelle was one part of a large ensemble cast – not the lead. It had a very limited release and was never going to be a box office blockbuster.”

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