New Pixar film gets a name

The high-concept feature cartoon will be based inside the mind of a young girl

The next film from 'Up' director Pete Docter is to be called 'Inside Out', it has been officially confirmed.

The animation studio had previously been calling the project 'Untitled Disney-Pixar Inside The Mind Film' as a slightly clunky working title.

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Set inside the mind of a little girl, it's thought that the high-concept film will feature emotions as characters.

The project is shrouded in some secrecy, though it's thought that 'Toy Story 3' scribe – also the writer of the forthcoming 'Star Wars' sequel' – is working on the script.

Pixar's chief creative officer, and director of 'Toy Story' and 'A Bug's Life', has spoken about the project briefly, however,

“Pete [Docter] has this way of constantly trying to figure out something that we’re all familiar with in some way… he’s constantly looking for these kinds of things,” he told Bleeding Cool.

“You look at people oftentimes and they do something to make you go 'What are they thinking?' or it’s like how a song gets stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out. Little quirky thing like this that we all do.

“Certain emotions just seem to take us over, anger or happiness, where you start giggling and laughing and you can’t stop. He thought 'I want to take a look at that, explain that'.

“His idea is that the emotions of this little girl are the characters and it takes place in the head of this little girl, and shows how they control things that go on. It’s very, very clever and it’s truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen, yet it explains things you’ve seen.”

It's due out in 2015.