3 New Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Clips (Exclusive)

Ben Falk

We already know the effects are incredible and that war is breaking out between humans and apes, but three new exclusive clips give some tantalising glimpses into what else audiences can expect from the sequel 'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes'.

In the first, there’s a reminder of the backstory, but the most interesting scenes are focused on the city the apes have built for themselves in the forest.

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Not only do they have fancy taste is twig hats (or is that supposed to be a wig?), but the mottos by which they live are written on a rock face. They include, “Ape Shall Not Kill Ape”, “Apes Together Strong” (which Caesar has shouted in previous trailers) and “Knowledge Is…” well, something, an ape is in the way.

The second shows news footage discussing the outbreak of the H7-N9 virus - otherwise known as simian flu - which wiped out the human population. Suffice to say, it doesn’t look good for mankind.

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Meanwhile, the final clip ramps up the action, showing some extra battle scenes and reminding us that Caesar tried, but failed to stop a war between the species.

The results are yet another reminder why ‘Dawn’ is promising to be one of the films of the summer and why Andy Serkis’ motion-capture performance might finally get recognised for the acting is really is.

You can see how this all comes together on 17 July.